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Ms Anna Podolska and her three children had been returning home from a walk in Tipton on 8th August 2018 when they were assaulted by a group of women who told them to 'go back to Poland’.

The After Brexit Support team, have met with Ms Anna Podolska. We spoke about the attack following what is described as a racially motivated attack on her and her children. We’ve offered our help, support, and advice and have spoken about the attack in detail, the events leading up to it and the aftermath.

Ms Podolska stated she was set upon and physically assaulted by up-to 15 women in what is believed to be a racially provoked attack on Ms Podolska, who was walking home with three of her children, in the West Midlands town of Tipton. 


Outlining the assault, Ms Podolska commented that she was followed and once she had reached the corner of her street, was “struck in the face with a fist” by an unidentified assailant.  Very quickly, a group of up to 15 females of differing ages then joined the assault as Ms Podolska received blows from all directions, leaving her lying in the street. Her children were also victims of the unprovoked attack.

Medical personnel and Police arrived at the scene after neighbours were alerted by her son. 

‘I was very lucky that they did not kill me. We could have been killed by them on this street. I was very worried for my children, I did not know what was happening’ she stated.

Ms Podolska said that she has witnessed similar attacks on Polish people whilst living in Britain. 

‘Unfortunately, similar situations such as children being physically attacked and name calling are happening more and more’.


She said ‘Several weeks ago I was attacked with water-filled bags, and many times being called f***ing Polish’.

She believes that this type of racially motivated incident has increased since Britain voted to leave the EU, adding ‘we noticed that after the Brexit Referendum the mood within the community is far tenser.

After the referendum, there are many more aggressions and attacks on Poles and other national minorities’. 

She added: ‘I want to live in peace, I do not like aggression. We are a good family, I have four children, I love them very much, they are everything I have for me. I want my children to be safe and not be frightened of being hurt just because their family is Polish’.

After Brexit Support offered our help, support, and advice following the attack. We will continue working to diffuse tension and support community leaders where issues are reported. We will also continue to encourage people who are threatened to report any incidents to the police.


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