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Dr Wojtek Rappak pictured with the After Brexit Support Managing Director Tomasz Wisniewski.

Dr Wojtek Rappak meets with the After Brexit Support Managing Director Tomasz Wisniewski.

Dr Wojtek Rappak was born in Gdańsk and studied philosophy and history in Canada, Warsaw, Paris, and London. He has Doctorate from the University of London for research into the foundations of logic and the early psychology of Ludwik Wittgenstein.


He is also a Rader in history in the Institute of Europen Culture at the London-based Polish University Abroad (PUNO). He is currently completing a post-doctoral history research project at University College London (UCL) on Jan Karski.

Taking Jan Karski's life as a focal point, Dr Rappak's research examines the archival evidence on how the Polish wartime state, through Karski, tried to alert the Allies about the situation in occupied Poland, about the Holocaust and on whether the Allies had the will or the capability to provide rescue.


His research also looks at the way Karski is remembered and memorialised today. Dr Rappak has published and presented papers (in both Polish and English) on Jan Karski at conferences and seminars in London, Chicago, Jerusalem and in Poland. 




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