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Tomasz Wisniewski, Managing Director of After Brexit Support, pictured with Mr. Philip Feric-Methuen, Miroslaw Feric son. His father, Pilot Officer Mirosław Ferić, died over RAF Northolt on February 14, 1942, when he was a baby.

Mirosław Ferić was known universally as Ox (all the Polish pilots fighting in the Battle of Britain adopted nicknames, for fear of reprisals against their families still living under German occupation).

Ferić had fought for the Polish Air Force in the defence of Warsaw in 1939, and once Poland had fallen, the young pilots had fought their way through Europe, even having to steal planes in France, before ending up at RAF Northolt in 1940, speaking no English.

It took the RAF some time to agree to form Squadron “Kościuszko” 303. One of the most famous squadrons even then, it went on to claim the largest number of aircraft destroyed of all the Allied fighter squadrons, even though the Poles joined the Battle of Britain two months after it had begun.

Mr Ferić and his compatriots took the skies over London by storm. They also cut a swathe through the blue-blooded women of the city.

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