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Tomasz Wisniewski and Lech Walesa met in Gdansk

Tomasz Wisniewski, After Brexit Support MD met with Lech Walesa, former President of Poland at his office in Gdansk. “It was really inspirational to meet with such a giant in world politics and to talk with him face to face. He is still a formidable and influential figure”. Whilst visiting the office, Tomasz took the opportunity to visit the Solidarity museum housed in the same building.

“It was exciting to see pictures of the history of Solidarity at the place where it all started nearly 40 years ago. They started something here under Mr Lech’s leadership that really did change things, not only here in Poland, but across Europe. Poland is now a free, democratic nation because of their achievements."


One of the items in the Solidarity exhibition is a wall of wishes. Here Tomasz is pictured placing a business card representing his hopes for what After Brexit Support can provide to support his compatriots living in the UK facing uncertainty because of Brexit.

Tomasz is hoping to invite Mr Walesa to the UK in the summer.


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