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Many immigrants to the UK are fearful of the consequences of Brexit, from the fundamentals of whether they can remain living and working in post-Brexit Britain, to questions over continued access to healthcare, accommodation, employment rights and social support. This has been heightened since the UK government declared the date for Brexit as 29th March 2019. So time is getting short and questions as to the full implications of Brexit are becoming increasingly urgent. After Brexit Support was not set up to make any judgments on the electorate's decision for Britain to leave the European Union. A democratic decision has been made and there is plenty of work to do now to ensure that this decision does not have a negative impact on all of us.

After Brexit Support

After Brexit Support exists to ensure that everyone affected by the Brexit process and the ongoing political negotiations, understands the implications for them personally. 
Therefore, we undertake to provide accurate information to those that need it in a form that is most easily understood, whether that be in English or their mother tongue. ABS promotes respect for the rights of individuals, and businesses that employ them, by caring for people regardless of their country of origin, skin colour or religion.

Why we are stronger together rather than alone?

A study led by Johns Hopkins behavioural neuroscientist Eric Fortune and published in the November 4 issue of the journal Science shows that not only our brains are literally built to work together – but so are the brains of other living creatures.

After taping the birds, Fortune captured a few and monitored what was happening in their brains. That’s when the astounding results were revealed.In an article on Science Daily talking about the research, Fortune explains, “In both males and females, we found that neurons reacted more strongly to the duet song — with both the male and female birds singing — over singing their own parts alone. In fact, the brain’s responses to duet songs were stronger than were responses to any other sound.”

We hope that all of us living in the UK are unified in our goal to make the UK as strong, united and prosperous as we possibly can after the UK has left the EU.
That is why we strongly believe in our slogan  "We live together, we work together, we support each other". We are convinced that only by following these principles can we truly fulfill our national potential in these times of uncertainty and be confident of a bright future for all.

Who we are

After Brexit Support, has been set up in January 2018 to ensure that EU citizens who are already here, and want to stay in this country, have access to accurate information and can get the correct advice. This is desperately needed so that individuals clearly understand their rights and responsibilities. There may well be other foreign nationals from outside of the EU, who are also uncertain of changes to their status post Brexit and are therefore worried about their future in the UK. We will seek to help all who have questions with accurate, timely answers to help address people’s understandable worries and concerns.
After Brexit Support

Help Us to make a Difference!

This is an once in a blue moon chance to shape future of our nations!

Who is After Brexit Support for?

We will provide support, unbiased information to all citizensemployees and employers, as well as unions, other charities and NGOs covering all sectors of the British economy. There are ranges of different situations people will face depending on their “status”, what paperwork they hold, whether they have had children born in the UK. We will provide information to bring clarity for those who are confused by the changes in legislation. We will provide help for immigrants staying in the UK in the case of new regulations related to the registration of residence (residency).

We intend to positively influence the media to show the positive impact of immigrants on the UK over the years (from 2nd war, and even older events, such as the emigration of Scots to Poland in the 16th century) and to reduce hostile feelings to the emigrants.

We also provide information to the government by sharing feedback and statistical analysis on the potential impact of policy changes.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Change.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Change.